Jonathan is a Designer with a penchant for interaction design, visual design, and high-fidelity prototyping.

My name is Jonathan Brodheim, but as the domain name suggests, most people call me Jony. I am currently working at LoungeBuddy in San Francisco, CA. We are a small but motivated startup dedicated to improving the dreaded airport experience through airport lounge access. I've been in charge of design since 2015; in this time we've designed and shipped updates for our consumer-facing products on iOS and the web, an entirely new lounge management and check-in system built for iPad, a web portal for our lounge partners to manage their lounge locations, and so much more.

Working at a startup means I’m no stranger to wearing multiple hats: directing early concept development, leading customer research initiatives, designing interfaces, prototyping interactions, and even creating illustrations. I'm also responsible for breaking down design requirements, and making actionable plans for our entire product team to execute on. I care deeply about the quality of my work, and having an immense impact on both the products I work on and the teams that makes those products a reality.

More often than not, I get the itch to explore my own curiosities and passions. I enjoy building small websites, messing around with different hacks on the web, and now I'm trying my hand at iOS development. When I am not connected to a computer, I'm lifting weights, traveling, or FaceTiming with my little monkey.

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