Abstract: A home for modern design teams.

Abstract — the version control system and collaboration tool for designers — was launched as a public beta on Tuesday.

… it’s clear that we need help managing the rest of our work. Team coordination, collaborating with stakeholders, and interpreting feedback are part of the design process. Designers have long wished for a system of record like what developers have come to rely upon with Github. We need a secure, reliable, stable place we can call home for our design work.

Abstract is going to be a compelling tool for designers, but today it is only useful if your team works with Sketch files. While our primary design tool at LoungeBuddy is Sketch, we also make use of a number of other apps to create the different assets we use in our apps and on the website.

Committing to Abstract today means decentralizing our file structure and using a filetype-dependent workflow. If you work on a team, you'll understand how difficult it can be to get team members to rally behind a single process, let alone different processes for different file types. This means Abstract isn't a fit for our team at the moment, but I have no doubt that it could be an amazing tool for someone else.