Kevin Clark's iOS 11 Design Exercise

Kevin Clark, Design Lead at Shopify, shares some mocks on his personal Twitter account of what Mail, Calendar, Messages, and Notes could look like had Apple gone with a more extensive and consistent design refresh for iOS 11.

I took a stab at what iOS would look if Apple went with a bigger design refresh with iOS 11 and adopted the Music aesthetic everywhere:

— Kevin Clark (@vernalkick) July 3, 2017

Here’s how it would look like on the iPad:

— Kevin Clark (@vernalkick) July 3, 2017

The primary changes demonstrated in Kevin's mocks pertain to spacing, alignment, and hierarchy — the easiest things to brush off as nonessential when it's time for implementation. Pay special attention to the increased line weights used for icons, and how he deemphasized edge-to-edge elements on the screen; all of which lead to a cleaner and more streamlined design. These images illustrate how important it is to follow through with details, since they often have the most impactful outcome.