This is Hillary's Week

Manton Reece quoting a New York Times profile by Gail Collins:

You can argue the pros and cons of Hillary Clinton’s character, or her potential to change the nation, or her position on trade policy. But you can never take away the fact that she was the one who made the idea of a woman becoming president so normal that many young women are bored by it.

There is no one who has fought for the presidential nomination as much as Hillary. Is it a coincidence then, that she is also happens to be the first female candidate to be seriously considered for the position? Wanting something does not entitle you to it, but in this case Reece nails the the significance of her campaign, "Hillary is a strong [candidate], and her place in history is worth fighting for and celebrating." Milestones like this don't come easy. This is the first step to opening the White House to more races and demographics, with a candidate who is more than qualified. I can only hope that as a country we don't fuck up this opportunity.