My Favorite Sites

An Invariably Incomplete Collection

The following collection features some of my favorite designers, blogs, and columnists sprinkled throughout the web.

Daring Fireball by John Gruber

I’ve been reading Daring Fireball for as long as I can remember. Gruber’s site is chock full of witty commentary and insightful reporting. I know a lot of people who find his writing style pretentious, but you cannot deny Gruber’s intellect and obvious talent which is showcased throughout his articles. Gruber also lays claim to The Talk Show, one of my favorite podcasts which has been the host to quite a few high-profile guests.

Jxnblk by Brent Jackson

I discovered Jackson’s site through his collaborations with Adam Morse (listed below). I have learned a lot from reading and dissecting the many projects posted on Jxnblk. His projects tend to be utilitarian, focusing on accessibility and modular design systems — they are powerful reminders that designs do not have to be glamorous to be effective and valuable.

MacSparky by David Sparks

You cannot deny the wealth of knowledge Sparks has amassed between his articles and Field Guides. The OmniFocus Field Guide is my favorite, and is positioned towards people new to GTD. Sparks also hosts one of my favorite podcasts, The Mac Power Users, where he and Katie Floyd discuss tips and tricks to getting the most out of your Mac and iOS devices weekly.

mrmrs by Adam Morse

Morse builds tools (affectionately known as modules) that make it easier for designers and front-end engineers to iterate quickly while standardizing design elements. I learned a lot from exploring Tachyons, an opinionated CSS toolkit that focuses on performance, modularity, and accessibility. In addition, Morse's writing is seriously some of the best on the web and covers a range of topics including design systems, recommendations, and personal experiences.


I haven't had time to write proper summaries for the following Designers, but I wanted to include them here to round out the list.