An Empirical & Personal Touchstone

Hi, I'm Jony — I'm a Product Designer with a radical vision about the future of technology and mobile operating systems. Not sure where to get started? Take a look at some of my favorite projects, including:

  • 1RM for iPhone: A simple weightlifting calculator for iPhone that I built to teach myself iOS development.
  • The Chunk: Site-wide search, localization, and currency selection.
  • LoungeBuddy's Brand Pages: Exposing unique content to improve our SEO efforts.
  • Trips for iPhone: Strengthening LoungeBuddy's long-term mobile strategy with the ultimate lounge-finding experience.

Featured Work


I am currently employed by LoungeBuddy as their only Designer, working on numerous projects across multiple platforms.

Product Design • 4 Projects

1RM for iPhone

A simple weightlifting calculator for CrossFitters and Olympic weightlifters.

Design & Development

Duty Free Distributors

Creating the brand and website for the leading distributor of luxury products in the Caribbean.

Design & Development • 2 Projects