1RM for iPhone

The war on math at the gym is just getting started.

1RM is a simple weightlifting calculator for iPhone that I built to teach myself iOS development. I created this app in two days as a part of LoungeBuddy's inaugural Product Team Hackathon. The app is written in Swift and is available to download on the App Store.

If you do CrossFit or any sort of Olympic weightlifting, you'll know there is no escaping conversations about your one-rep max. In non-gym speak, this roughly translates to the "how much weight you can lift, one time, for a particular exercise." Powerlifters commonly use percentages of their 1RM to warm-up, while CrossFitters use the same percentages during weightlifting and metcons. It's very common for a coach to suggest using x% of your 1RM to determine how much weight you should use for a particular workout.

Whenever I am working out, I am constantly using a calculator to determine how much weight I should be lifting at any given moment. It's alway been a pet-peeve of mine to open the calculator to determine the build-up to my 1RM, which usually goes something like this: choose how much weight you want to lift, build up to 70%, lift the weight, open the calculator and calculate the next weight @ 75%, lift the weight, open the calculator and calculate the next weight @ 80%, etc. You'll do this until you reach or exceed your 1RM. Reading this is tedious, so you can imagine how it feels when your adrenaline is rushing and you're pumped about the workout.

When you're at the gym, the last thing you want to do is think about math.

I built 1RM to solve a real problem, but to also introduce myself iOS development. The app calculates the percentage breakdown of the total weight entered in nineteen increments, from 95% down to 5%. Next time you workout, you only have to calculate your 1RM breakdown once!

Despite being such a simple utility, I've learned so much building this little app and I'm incredibly proud of what I accomplished in just two days. If you are interested in learning iOS development, I wrote an article explaining how I went about creating 1RM.

Completed August 2017

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